Gardner Denver expanding international presence

December 19, 2013

Gardner Denver is expanding its international presence by adding employees in key markets. China, Russia and the UAE now have full-time Gardner Denver staff.   In 2014, a Gardner Denver employee will begin work in Singapore.  All the employees are locally hired. They are familiar with local customs and speak both the country’s native language and English.

“Although we have had good distributors in these markets, we felt like it was important to hire full-time Gardner Denver employees in these countries,” says José Rubin, Gardner Denver International Sales Manager. “We believe having this presence is key in growing our international market.”

Rubin says Gardner Denver wants to continue to add more employees internationally and is currently exploring countries in Latin America and Africa.    The strategy follows Gardner Denver Energy and Infrastructure President Saeid Rahimian’s goals to grow globally.

“Gardner Denver has historically been very strong in North America and I would even step back and say very strong in the United States,” says Rahimian.  “We could do more in the U.S. but the real opportunity for us is internationally.”

The new Gardner Denver employees are trained engineers who will also assume the sales role.  Their engineering knowledge will assist customers in choosing the best pump for the job and troubleshooting any issues that arise.

“We have the best pumps at the best price.   Having employees who speak the language speaks volumes about our dedication to these markets,” mentions Rubin.  “We care about the international market, and we’re growing it.”

In addition to new employees, Gardner Denver is also translating its manuals into other languages. The company recently translated several of its power end and fluid end manuals into Mandarin Chinese.  Next Gardner Denver plans to translate them into Spanish.

For more information about Gardner Denver’s international presence, please contact Gardner Denver at 1-866 GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) or visit




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