ONE Customer Service solves your problems in the middle of the night

November 24, 2016

When something goes wrong on the job, we get frustrated. When it happens in the middle of the night, on the weekend or even a holiday, it becomes even more stressful. Gardner Denver’s ONE Customer Service team is available to ease those frustrations and help solve your problems. Our phones are answered by a live customer service team member 24-hours a day, 7-days a week -- even on holidays.

“Our 24-hour service is growing,” says Chrissie Pate, Gardner Denver ONE Customer Service Manager. “Fifty percent of the calls we receive after hours are for emergency orders, quotes, or technical information. By answering their calls in the middle of the night, we’re able to take a huge weight off their shoulders. We understand their jobs bring challenges, and we’re able to help solve them.”

ONE Customer Service is staffed by customer service technicians and representatives. Whether you call the domestic or international number, you’ll be instantly connected with an experienced team member who can answer technical questions, place your order, provide a quote or check availability. The number isn’t just for customers. Gardner Denver employees are even using it to share knowledge across all the locations which enables them to provide superior customer service.

Pate says just recently a Gardner Denver employee called the ONE customer number on a Saturday at 4:15 am. The customer had called and needed help identifying and then ordering a part for the GD-2500 fracturing pump. The ONE Customer Service Technician provided the expertise to identify the part, locate it in inventory and arrange delivery. The customer received the part the same day which allowed them to get their job up and running again.  

In another instance, a customer called on a Saturday afternoon needing help with a competitor’s pump. The customer was frustrated because he had no luck getting the parts or technical needs met from the original pump manufacturer. The ONE Customer Service technician researched the issue, consulted with engineering, explained the fix and provided Gardner Denver parts to fix the problem.

When you find yourself frustrated with a broken pump, missing parts or another pump problem, ONE Customer Service should be your first call. We’re here to help. Just call 1-866-GD-PUMPS or the international number – country code + 918-GD-Pumps. 

For more information about our program, please visit /services-support/one-customer-service/

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