Quincy - Where It All Began

November 26, 2017

Gardner Denver in Quincy established a team-oriented culture that guarantees growth to this day. They’ve shown P&IP the power of a trusting environment and supportive attitude that allows employees the opportunity to advance personally and professionally.

What makes a Quincy employee proud to work for Gardner Denver
Quincy employees are provided with cross-functional and in-house training. They have many opportunities to be involved in team activities and are recognized for their hard work and for embracing P&IP’s best practices.

Employees have the freedom to think outside the box and are empowered to be creative with their work. Jerry Ludlum enjoys seeing his team’s suggestions implemented and advices any director to never sacrifice his team for personal gain— “Give credit where credit is due, and always have your employees’ back!”

Honesty, optimism, and no hidden agendas are what makes a Quincy employee truly proud to work for P&IP.

What can a new hire expect from Gardner Denver?
P&IP pushes personal growth by reimbursing tuition to those employees who wish to move forward in their career. “By supporting their personal goals, we’ve seen more voluntary commitment and a stronger sense of loyalty toward the company,” said Larry, “New team members will walk in ready to learn and with a positive attitude!”

In Quincy, P&IP motivates their employees to expand their knowledge and acquire different skill sets. Employees are encouraged to move around and learn all areas of the industry by training in different disciplines or relocating to other sites. 

“We treat each other as we would like to be treated; we’re honest with good and bad news in our company and keep employees appraised of the business climate,” said Jerry Ludlum, “Our employees are our partners, and we know that we can’t offer the best customer service and highest quality without them.”

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