Business Backed By Engineering Principles

Business Backed By Engineering Principles

This is the last installment of a five-part series on the Engineering Team.

You hear us talk about our high-quality products. It’s what separates us from our competitors. But that high-quality isn’t just in the final pump or part. It’s in every aspect of our business. Our Quality Team oversees our entire operation including our manufacturing and all of our processes. In essence, they’re the backbone for our business.

“Our team works on anything that reflects the quality of the product or anything we do to support the product,” says Michael Wasserman, Quality Manager. “From ensuring ONE Customer Service calls are routed correctly, to making sure our material vendors are delivering the high-standard products we ordered, we’re involved with each detail.”

Gardner Denver is ISO 9000 certified — which means the company must meet a series of international standards to maintain effective quality management and a quality assurance system. Wasserman says ISO 9000 reminds all employees that Gardner Denver has set procedures to follow.

“We’re constantly trying to raise the bar,” says Wasserman. “Our customers keep asking us to raise it, and we’re in charge of determining how we can do it. We continuously evaluate all of our procedures, ask our employees for feedback and decide how we can improve. We know there’s no ceiling. We can always strive to be better.”

The Quality Team analyzes all the documents, materials and processes. Every piece of the puzzle must be done correctly or you’ll have a problem. While a product may be manufactured to the high-quality standards, if the shipping department doesn’t follow these same standards, the customers won’t receive the product in a timely manner or may receive damaged goods.

“We develop procedures and processes that are more resistant to human error,” says Wasserman. “We have to train our employees but we also have to have systems that work effectively.”

Just like the other engineering teams, the Quality Team relies on customer feedback. When a customer has an issue, Quality Engineers will determine what happened, why and how to prevent it in the future. They listen to the customers.

“We’re constantly improving our quality and that comes from having close relationships with our customers,” says Wasserman.

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