Engineering Doesn’t Stop With Pumps

This is the fourth of a five-part series on the Engineering Team.

When you’re drilling or fracturing, you need more than just a good pump. You need high-quality parts to operate the pump. Gardner Denver’s Aftermarket Engineering Team focuses on designing consumables to meet the strenuous demands of the industry.

“Gardner Denver has traditionally been known for premium quality pumps, but the consumables area is relatively new to us,” says Arun Chandrasekaran, Gardner Denver Aftermarket Engineer Manager. “In the past, we observed our customers using our pumps with consumables that were not reliable and inconsistent in performance. We knew we could extend the life of the pump by using reliable and high quality internal components. We used our same rigorous engineering standards to design and develop Gardner Denver-branded consumables such as our valves, seats, plungers and packing. Now our customers can get all their pumping components from one source.”

The Aftermarket Engineering Team spent months designing and testing the Gardner Denver valves and seats. They worked directly with our customers to implement practical, easy-to-use solutions such as color-coding on the parts and boxes. Field tests prove the valves and seats last longer than the closest competition.

In addition to developing consumables, the Aftermarket Engineering Team also oversees pump repairs. Engineers inspect broken-down pumps and make a determination on what can or can’t be fixed. They work closely with the technicians to ensure timely service.

“Time is critical in this business,” says Chandrasekaran. “We know customers can’t wait three to four months to get their pump repaired. That’s why Gardner Denver offers the unique Core Exchange Program. Now customers can get a remanufactured pump within days.” Aftermarket engineering offers technical support in remanufacturing pumps that are used for the Core Exchange Program.

Aftermarket Engineers are also busy educating customers on the best practices. Our engineers understand high-quality parts won’t perform well if they are not installed or maintained properly. That’s why we’re busy meeting with customers and educating them on how to get the longest life from their pumps and parts.

In fact, Gardner Denver’s Pump University program is based on high-level engineering knowledge. Our instructors use that foundation to deliver easy-to-understand maintenance guidelines and tips to customer employees. The program is taught at the customer’s location.

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