Our Engineers Solve Your Problems

This is the second of a five-part series on the Engineering Team.
A phone call from a customer. An in-depth look at the market. An observation by the sales team.
Three different ways Gardner Denver’s new products are initiated. Whatever the source for the new idea, the goal is consistent: to solve a customer’s problem. Our New Product Development Engineering Team focuses on innovative technologies to increase a product’s reliability and serviceability. Recent product releases showcase these results.
“Both our TLS10 and our Outlaw Fluid End Series are the direct result of our customers asking us to help them,” says Chris Degginger, Gardner Denver New Product Engineer Manager. “They came to us frustrated that they were not achieving the durability they wanted with a competitor’s fluid end. They needed something with a longer life, and they asked us to develop it. We did. Our TLS10 and Outlaw Series both deliver more than two times the life of the competition.”
The Maverick Drilling Pump also solved a customer problem. Drilling customers needed a lightweight pump that still packed the power of a larger pump. Regulations and road conditions complicate the transportation of large drilling pumps. Drilling contractors wanted to be able to transport a pump permit-free on the back of a truck. Our engineering team designed the Maverick to meet these needs. The 1500 HP pump is only 101” wide and weights 30% less than competing models.
Degginger says at any given time, the New Product Development team is working on multiple different products. Gardner Denver uses the latest engineering tools and modeling software to design them. Before a prototype is manufactured, Degginger says the team will build theoretical models to understand all of the full performance characteristics. The prototype is then developed and thoroughly tested to verify it matches with the theoretical predictions.
Gardner Denver engineers have a big advantage over engineers at other companies. We’re the only company that produces drilling, well-service, and consumable products. This unique feature means better products for customers.
“We can share technologies from one industry to the other,” says Degginger. “We can take the same superior product from the drilling pump side and use it in the well-service side. Combining these two industries allows us to take the best from both words.”
For instance, the Falcon Spring Retainer was originally developed to improve serviceability on well-service fluid ends. It was so successful that Gardner Denver engineers implemented it into drilling pump fluid ends with equal success.
“Over time, we have built a strong knowledge base of drilling, well service, and consumable product design technologies,” says Degginger. “We understand how good one product works in the field, and we build on that technology to develop superior new products.”
Do you have an idea for a new pumping product? Are you constantly battling a problem in the field? You can reach our Gardner Denver Engineering team at 1-866-GD-PUMPS or by visiting www.gardnerdenverpumps.com.
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