See why reliabile equipment is critical in this World Oil® article by VP Larry Kerr.

“Although many companies were not in a position to upgrade equipment and put a preventative maintenance program in place the last few years, the time to consider investing in your equipment and processes is now” writes GD Vice President and General Manager in his executive viewpoint article from World Oil magazine. “As oilfield equipment is pushed harder for longer periods of time, it is in our best interest to put equipment reliability first.”

We’ve seen it time and again – customers who opt to save money now wind up paying significantly more later in downtime and repairs. Gardner Denver strives to produce the highest-quality, most reliable pumps on the market for a reason – it’s the right thing to do for our customers.

For more than 150 years, Gardner Denver has been synonymous with reliability. With your competition getting fiercer and jobs more intense, see why reliability matters now more than ever.

Check out VP Larry Kerr’s article from World Oil®.

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