Made for Extended Life and Maximum Strength. With its compact design and rugged reliability, the Gardner Denver F-Series drilling module delivers the industry’s highest performance, with pressure and flow rates double the closest competitor.

 Its durability starts with its construction. Made with individually forged, heat-treated alloy steel using our proprietary Autofrettage technique, each module is stronger to the molecular level, yet can be welded to repair washouts. And with our patented Falcon spring, twist-in retainer technology, service has never been more simple. 

The F-Series fits on the F-1300/1600 Series pumps. To find out more, please contact us.

Design Advantages

  • Individually forged, heat-treated alloy steel
  • Autofrettaged module - maximized strength, but can be welded to repair washouts
  • Valve cover bore seal for improved seal performance at the valve covers and wear ring plate
  • Bore Seal Technology - providing increased lifespan and reduced maintenance costs
  • Falcon Technology - single-piece, twist-in retainer provides improved serviceability with no fasteners required
  • Utilizes API 7 valves for increased flow and lower velocity


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