1. TLS10 Fluid End

Highest Performing Fluid End Technology

Gardner Denver’s fluid ends are not just best-in-class — they’re in a class of their own. The most critical part of a well-service pump, fluid ends are subjected to extreme stress and are a common source of failure. With a 40-year history of fluid-end innovation, Gardner Denver considerably strengthens this weak link. Outperforming the competition and providing the lowest cost of ownership, Gardner Denver Fluid Ends deliver reliability, safety and peace of mind.


Design Advantages

  • 42” long x 28” tall x 18.25” wide 3 inch longer, 1/2 inch taller and 1-5/16” taller suction deck
  • Same internal components used in the equivalent size SGWS except, Stuffing Box, Plunger Seal Carrier & D-Ring Seals
  • Uses the Uni-Mount Flange
  • Falcon spring retainer equipped
  • Field proven results are at least double the life of the direct competition with carbon steel fluid end
  • Optimized geometry to minimize cross bore and suction deck stress
  • Field proven results with stainless steel are 2–3x


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