Gardner Denver provides maintenance training, support to customers

Your pump will need maintenance. It goes with the territory. Field tests prove the more you properly maintain your pump, the longer it will last. That’s why Pump Maintenance is part of Gardner Denver’s Experience 360.
“We have more than 30 highly-trained service technicians that are available 24-7, 365 days-a-year and can go anywhere in the world,” says Benjamin Gile, Gardner Denver Branch Operations Manager. “In addition, we have more than 120 mechanics between our three repair facilities.” Gardner Denver has repair facilities located in Altoona, PA, Ft. Worth, TX and Odessa, TX.
Gardner Denver provides customers with all levels of maintenance from pump inspections to full pump rebuilds to core pumps. Often a field engineer will accompany a service technician to a customer’s location. Together, they’ll diagnosis and evaluate the entire unit and even fix problems not related to a Gardner Denver pump.
“It’s not just about helping them with their pump,” says Gile. “It’s about helping them pump.  We want to make sure they’re successful and build that trusting relationship.”
Recently, Gardner Denver sent several technicians to a customer’s location. The customer was experiencing problems with the GD-3000. Our technicians were able to fix the problems on-site and also took time to share some maintenance tips with the customer.
“I would like to thank Gardner Denver for sending such qualified mechanics to help us rebuild our GD-3000,” says a Pennsylvania customer. “The information exchange was excellent and Larry, Matt and Garrett were very professional. Please extend this thank you to all who were involved and made this plan come together.”
At another customer’s location, 10 pumps were lined up against the fence. The customer said they were all bad and planned to get rid of them. Our service technicians inspected all 10 pumps and found four could be repaired.
“Since we were able to repair four of their pumps, we saved them approximately $280, 000,” says Gile. “That’s a big cost savings especially with the current oil and gas market. The customer was thrilled.”
Gardner Denver offers free pump inspections. Customers can receive 10 free inspections per month per location. Technicians will inspect the pump and let customers know if any maintenance is needed. If problems exist, the customer can fix it themselves or hire Gardner Denver to make the repairs.
“There’s no catch,” says Gile. “It’s absolutely free, and it doesn’t require any downtime from the customer. Our technicians know these pumps better than anyone. For example, they may check the bearings and discover they need to be changed. By changing the bearings at the proper time, the pump will last longer and in the end, that saves the customer money.”
Service technicians are located throughout the country including: Altoona, PA, Cheyenne, WY, Ft. Worth, TX, Houston, TX,  Odessa, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, San Antonio, TX, and Shreveport, LA. Service technicians will soon be working out of the Dickinson, ND and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada locations. With just a simple call to Gardner Denver, a technician can be sent out the same day.
To get a free pump inspection or to schedule a service technician, please call 1-866-GD-PUMPS. To learn more about Gardner Denver, please visit utilizes tracking and site analytics. You may opt out at any time.