Who Are You Going To Call? Gardner Denver Pump Engineers

This is the third of a five-part series on the Engineering Team.
You’re stuck. You can’t figure out why you’re having issues with your pump. Your packing isn’t lasting. Your valves and seats are becoming worn more quickly than normal. What’s the next step? Call Gardner Denver’s ONE Customer Service where you’ll be connected to one of our Field Service Engineers.
“Our Field Service Engineering Team is here to help our customers get the longest life out of their products,” says Jacob Rupp, Gardner Denver Sustaining Engineering Manager. “We’re here to answer questions and troubleshoot. We’re also here to get feedback on our products to make future improvements.”
If Gardner Denver engineers and field service technicians can’t get the problem solved over the phone, they’ll travel to a customer’s site. Recently, Field Service Engineer Grant Shiver traveled to Oman to help a customer on its GD-3000 fracturing spread. The customer was having severe wear on the plungers and a short life on the packing. After tests and inspections, Shiver and his team were able to pinpoint problems and suggest important changes. They trained the customer on proper maintenance and showed how higher-quality products result in a longer life.
“As you can see from the photo, this location was in the middle of the desert in Oman,” says Shiver. “Just getting to the location was challenging because it was six hours away from any town. We felt it was important to go there and work closely with our customer to share our knowledge. There are times when a phone call doesn’t work. This was one of those cases. In the end, the customer is happy and their Gardner Denver products are now performing well.”
 Our engineers are also helping customers solve issues that are not related to Gardner Denver products. A West Texas oilfield company called and needed help.Their fluid ends were demonstrating a very low life because of low pressure. Gardner Denver engineers went to the site and spent several days conducting a pressure survey on the pressure lines.
“Although Gardner Denver doesn’t manufacture the lines, we understand the entire system must work efficiently to get the full life out of our fluid ends and pumps,” says Rupp. “We brought in our testing equipment and were able to identify where the source of the problem was and help our customer fix it. It wasn’t a pump problem, but by going above and beyond, we established trust with our customer. They know they can count on Gardner Denver.”
When the Field Service Engineer Team is not at a customer location, they’re getting customer feedback and determining how they can improve upon existing products. Our stainless steel fluid ends are a great example of how advanced engineering combined with high-quality materials can make a big difference. Gardner Denver’s stainless steel fluid ends are proven to last four to six times longer resulting in lower cost of ownership.
To find out more about the Field Service Engineer Team, call 1-866-GD PUMPS or visit www.gardnerdenverpumps.com.


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