Gardner Denver, Fort Worth

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441 Winscott Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76126
Phone: (817) 249-6400
Fax: (817) 249-6401

Branch Manager – Russell Stewart

Capabilities: (Repair, Service & Support)

  • The Fort Worth Regional Repair Center concentrates primarily on repairing customers frack pumpsWe provide the option of a certified remanufactured core power end to customers that are in need of a power end immediately. Fort Worth provides cores to the other Gardner Denver locations so they can support their local customers. We have the capability to repair the entire petroleum pump product lines offered by Gardner Denver.
  • Fort Worth Regional Center repairs and remanufactures all competitors’ pumps, many times implementing improvements to their products to increase the quality of the pump.
  • Remove pumps from customer units and install repair or core pumps on the customer units and test the customer unit.
  • All pumps are tested at our 4,000 horse power electric test cell or we can test a customer unit on the outside test stand.
  • We have machine and weld capabilities, mag particle, and blasting and paint capabilities.
  • Our service technicians travel all over the world to provide on-site services to our customers.

Products available

  • Power End Repair (Gardner Denver as well as competitors)
  • Fluid End Repair (Gardner Denver as well as competitors)
  • Power End Core Swap Program (Gardner Denver as well as competitors)
  • Field Service Technicians

Type of applications we serve

  • The Fort Worth Regional Repair Center repairs frack pump equipment primarily but also repairs drilling pumps and fluid end modules.
  • We are the primary testing location for all drilling pumps and R&D projects. We have the ability to test any frack or drilling pump that Gardner Denver manufactures. utilizes tracking and site analytics. You may opt out at any time.