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Since creating the first drilling mud pump more than 100 years ago, Gardner Denver Pumps has had a reputation for setting new industry standards for high-performance mud pumps for drilling rigs. Our customers prefer our drilling pumps because of the field-tested durability and ease of maintenance.

All Gardner Denver triplex pumps are machined for extreme applications and built for resilience. Our sub-assemblies, including our power ends and long-lasting fluid ends, maximize the efficiency and productivity of each Gardner Denver mud pump.

We know mud pumping requires durable drilling pumps built to withstand severe conditions. That’s why our fracturing hydraulic pumps are engineered with high-quality materials and tough construction for maximum resilience.

Our mud pumps for drilling rigs offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any drilling pump on the market. With each pump backed by our top-notch customer support and repair services, our drilling mud pump product line is one of the best-loved in the oil and gas industry. Check out all of our drilling pumps to learn more about the product best-suited for your application.


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