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TLS 10

TLS 10 – Designed & built for the SPM Destiny

Gardner Denver’s fluid ends are not just best-in-class — they’re in a class of their own. The most critical part of a well-service pump, fluid ends are subjected to extreme stress and are a common source of failure. With a 40-year history of fluid-end innovation, Gardner Denver considerably strengthens this weak link. Outperforming the competition and providing the lowest cost of ownership, Gardner Denver Fluid Ends deliver reliability, safety and peace of mind.


  • Uses the Uni-Mount Flange
  • Utilizes Falcon spring retainer technology for enhanced serviceability
  • Optimized fluid end geometry to minimize cross bore intersection and suction deck stresses
  • Field proven results are at least double the life of the direct competition with carbon steel fluid end
  • Field proven results with stainless steel are 2–3x the life of the direct competition
TLS-10 Pressure pump fluid ends


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