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Smashes Old Standards – and Sets New Ones.
Built with customer feedback and backed by four decades of dominance in fluid end innovation, The Outlaw breaks all prevailing standards for lifespan and performance.

It’s well known that fluid ends are subjected to extreme stress and are a common source of failure. The Outlaw defies the standards, strengthening this weak link like nothing before or since.

Designed with stainless steel, it outlasts even the closest competition by up to 3X. Packed with the essential internal components of our time-tested SWGS, it enhances a wide range of triplex, quintuplex, stimulation, fracturing and well-servicing pumps. And with our patented Falcon Technology, it works hard, but is easy to maintain.

Outperforming the competition and providing the lowest cost of ownership, The Outlaw delivers the reliability and performance you’d expect from the undisputed fluid end leader.

  • Available in Triplex and Quintuplex
  • Same internal components used in the equivalent-size SGWS except, Stuffing Box, Plunger, and Seal Carrier & D-Ring Seals.
  • Designed with stainless steel for 2-3X life of the direct competitor.
  • Falcon Spring Retainer Technology for enhanced serviceability.
  • Optimized fluid end geometry to minimize crossbore intersection and suction deck stresses.
  • Threaded stuffing box eliminates up to 60% of fasteners during installation and removal of the fluid end.
  • Proven bore seal technology provides superior stuffing box sealing performance.
Outlaw Fluid end for pressure pumps


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