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PZ 2000

Max Horsepower
2,000 BHP
Pump Type
Max Rodload
186,875 lbs
Max Pressure
7,500 PSI
Max Rate
678 GPM

PZ 2000 – The Industry’s Toughest Drilling Mud Pump

Our PZ 2000 drilling mud pump is a 2000 hp triplex drilling pump that features 7,500 psi fluid end modules and an 11” stroke. With today’s drilling applications consisting of longer laterals and increased pressures, the PZ 2000 drilling pump is the ideal choice for super-spec drilling rigs and rigs requiring upgrades.

And while the PZ 2000 drilling pump is powerful and compact, it can also meet and exceed the challenges of today’s horizontal and directional drilling requirements. The PZ 2000’s higher horsepower yields a higher rod load and provides more flow at higher pressure with the same size piston.

Enjoy the lowest cost of ownership available supported by a five-year warranty.


  • Enlarged dual roller-bearing connecting rods for increased load-carrying capacity (186,875 lbs.)
  • Frame is ductile iron casting, 80,000 psi tensile strength, monolithic structure with internal rubbing of critical areas for improved strength and higher horsepower rating
  • Double-ended jackshaft with extended length and diameter, quenched and tempered alloy steel, running on heavy duty, straight roller bearings to improve strength and provide greater sprocket/sheave engagement.


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