Production & Industrial Pumps / Pumps

Duplex Steam Pumps

Gardner Denver offers a full line of FX reciprocating, double-acting, duplex industrial/mud pumps, with various sizes of pistons/liners and fittings. Our pumps can be used for numerous industrial and oil field applications, including oil-line pumping, mine-dewatering, chemical and petroleum products transfer, well servicing, cementing, mud drilling, water well drilling and salt water injection.

Max Pressure Max Flow Resources
DAA 250 PSI 9 GPM Spec Sheet
DAB 250 PSI 16 GPM Spec Sheet
DAG 900 PSI 180 GPM Spec Sheet
DFS 3,580 PSI 450 GPM Spec Sheet


For immediate response, please call us at:

1-866-GDPUMPS (1-866-437-8677) (USA)
1-918-GDPUMPS (1-918-437-8677) (International)

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