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FX Duplex Pumps

Gardner Denver offers a full line of FX reciprocating, double-acting, duplex industrial/mud pumps, with various sizes of pistons/liners and fittings. Our pumps can be used for numerous industrial and oil field applications, including oil-line pumping, mine-dewatering, chemical and petroleum products transfer, well servicing, cementing, mud drilling, water well drilling and salt water injection.

HorsePower Rod Load Max Pressure Max Flow Resources
FXF (FF-FXF) 17-10 BHP 3,140 lbs 197-639 PSI 35-149 GPM Spec Sheet
FXG (FG-FXG) 32-42.5 BHP 6,122 lbs 97-757 PSI 52-200 GPM Spec Sheet
FXX (FD-FXX) 52-73 BHP 8,036 lbs 338-1,136 PSI 54-317 GPM Spec Sheet
FXX (FY-FXX) 52-75 BHP 8,036 lbs 182-409 PSI 164-600 GPM Spec Sheet
FXD (FC-FXD) 83-109 BHP 11,270 lbs 574-1,500 PSI 61-276 GPM Spec Sheet
FXE (FC-FXE) 102-130 BHP 11,340 lbs 686-1,906 PSI 61-276 GPM Spec Sheet
FXE (FY-FXE) 102-133 BHP 11,480 lbs 305-686 PSI 185-637 GPM Spec Sheet


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