Well Service Pumps / Pumps


165 BHP
44,000 lbs
Max Pressure
10,000 PSI
Max Flow
245 GPM

One of the most popular pumps in the market, the TEE is perfect for Hot Oil, and Well-Kill applications. The Gardner Denver TEE offers tremendous versatility, available with pistons & liners, or plungers & packing, in multiple sizes, an optional gear reducer, and drive capability from either side. A cast frame and dual crosshead lubrication help ensure the longest possible life even in the toughest conditions.

HorsePower Rod Load Max Pressure Max Flow Resources
TGH 400 BHP 44,000 lbs 10,000 PSI 357 GPM Spec Sheet
TGE 165 BHP 44,000 lbs 10,000 PSI 245 GPM Spec Sheet
TEED 165 BHP 44,00lbs 10,000 PSI 245 GPM Spec Sheet
TEEF 165 BHP 44,000 lbs 10,000 PSI 138 GPM Spec Sheet


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