The right fracturing pump for the right job

Gardner Denver

Developed 60 years ago by Gardner Denver, the hydraulic fracturing pump continues to be a highly demanded pump in the oil and gas industry. During the past six decades, we’ve continued to set the benchmark for manufacturing the industry’s longest-lasting and hardest-working stimulation and fracturing pumps. We offer five different pump models allowing you to choose the best for your job.
The GD-3000 is the most powerful well-stimulation and fracturing pump on the market while also being one of the lightest pumps in this class. Its high pressure and flow rate make it a highly demanded pump. The GD-3000 has a maximum pressure rating of 22,000 PSI with a maximum flow of 1,375 GPM and weighs 18,550 lbs.
This pump was designed to work in harsh environments like the Barnett Shale. The GD-2500 is one of our most popular pumps because of it can reach a flow capacity of 2,044 GPM with a pressure rating of 17,800 PSI. The pump combines the heavy-duty power end with upgraded valve-over-valve or Y-style fluid ends for ultimate durability.
The GD-2250T is the result of upgrading the HD-2250 pump. This triplex pump offers new fluid end and power end technologies designed to extend the life. The middle-weight pump weighs 12,650 lbs. with a high maximum pressure rate of 21,500 PSI and maximum flow of 1,319 GPM.
The GD-1600 is our lightest and smallest stimulation pump weighing in at 8,000 lbs.  It’s lightweight and small footprint is ideal for truck mounted units such as body loads and trailers. The pump offers stud fluid end configurations for easy removal and maintenance.  With a maximum pressure of 18,100 PSI and flow of 1,135 GPM, the GD-1600 is the right pump for your smaller jobs.
This quintuplex pump was originally designed for stimulation service in the Barnett Shale. With a maximum pressure of 20,000 PSI and flow of 2,523 GPM, the pump weight is 18,800 lbs. Patented, stem-guided valve designs extend the service life. The C-2500 is designed with 12 inch chamber spacing which means it shares common components with triplex 2250 pumps. This allows customers to streamline their aftermarket inventory.
All of our stimulation and fracturing pumps allow for multiple fluid end modules giving customers a choice. Stainless steel fluid ends prove to have longer life allowing customers to maximize their dollars. Plus, many of these pumps can be used with fluid ends equipped with Gardner Denver’s patent pending Falcon Technology. The Falcon Technology is an easy-to-use twist in retainer allowing for easier maintenance.
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