See how we’re developing creative solutions to customer challenges in this David Leiper interview with National Driller Magazine.

“Transparency is telling the truth and that’s one thing I expect out of the people I work with, and I in turn do that with people that I service” said David Leiper, GD director of drilling pumps sales, in an exclusive interview with National Driller Magazine. “So we strive to do that because it’s the right thing to do. It’s Gardner Denver’s philosophy and business model. It always has been.”

Honesty and integrity drive our relationships with our customers. Always have. Always will. We believe that customer service helps separate Gardner Denver from the competition, both ours and yours. So with the rise of overseas pump manufacturers, we’re committed to developing creative solutions to help you compete and win in the marketplace.

David Leiper discusses the proven Gardner Denver advantage in this article from National Driller Magazine.

What’s a typical day at Gardner Denver? What’s the best piece of advice about working in this industry? Most importantly, how are we delivering creative solutions to help our customers win?

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