The Thunder Answers Customer’s Need For A Harder-Working, Longer-Lasting Pump

The Thunder | Longer-Lasting Pump

Check out our Director of Engineering’s interview with The American Oil & Gas Reporter.

“So far, we have gotten great feedback from our partners,” says Greg Hash, our Director of Engineering, in this interview with The American Oil & Gas Reporter. “They are impressed with the pumps’ efficiency, and ability to minimize stress and vibration. In fact, one customer says the triplex is smoother than any quintuplex he has used, which is a testament to the power end’s construction and design.”

It’s not just how hard The Thunder series pumps work or how smooth they are to operate – it’s also how long they last. By effectively doubling the time between major overhauls from 5,000 to 10,000 hours, The Thunder’s maintenance cycles are in line with the engine and transmission. This key feature, one of many on our innovative pump series, dramatically minimizes downtime.

In a time where competition has never been fiercer, The Thunder continues our proud heritage of improving efficiency, safety and production during every stage of the completion process. Read how in this article from The American Oil & Gas Reporter.

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